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Hot & Cold Hors D'oeuvres...

Hot Hors D’Oeuvres and Cold Canapé Choice
(One Piece per serving) unless other wise listed
Minimum 100 pieces per Item order
Items with a astrick* are all non-meat for vegetarian choices!
Salmon Rose Canapé ($2.50)
2pp-Neo-Cold Cut stack w/ cheese ($1.90)
Savory Duck Canapé ($2.40)
Bacon Wrapped Scallops ($2.50)
Smoked Salmon and Dill Toast Points($2.40)
Chicken Wonton   ($2.00)
Coconut Shrimp ( $2.70)
Stuffed Tuna cup ($2.40)
Barbeque Smoked Duck Canapé ($2.50)
Barbeque Shrimp Canapé ( $2.70)
Jerk Chicken on a Coconut Banana Slice ($2.00)
Jerk Shrimp on a Coconut Banana Slice ($2.70)
*Baked Brie Wheel in a Puff Pastry ($125.00)
Chicken Hawaiian Brochettes ($2.00)
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms ($2.70)
Balsamic Grilled Beef w/ Tomato basil relish ($2.30)
*Olive Tapenade in a Parmesan Crusted Cup ($1.75) 2pp
*Black Bean Tartlet with Salsa ($1.75) 2pp  
*Jalapeno Poppers ($1.90) 3pp-
*Cheese Empanada($1.90)  
Chicken Quesdillas ($2.00) 2pp
Honey Hot Chicken Wings ($2.00) 2pp
BBQ Chicken Wings ($2.00) 2pp
Swedish Meatballs ($2.00) 3pp
Southern Meatballs ($2.00) 3pp
BBQ-Meatballs ($2.00) 3pp
Meatball & Potato Kabob (2.00)

Passing or Stationary Suggestions…
50 guest minimum $2.00
Stationary HorsD’Oeuvres
Hot wings
Veggies tray
Fruit Tray
Domestic Cheese Tray
Petite Quiche
Mini Franks in a Blanket
Pizza Bites

Passed Canapés & Hot HorsD’Oeuvres
Stuffed Chicken Mini’s
*Spinach Spanokopita Triangles
*Jalapeno Poppers
Salmon Mousse
Assorted chef choice Veggie Canape
Assorted Finger sandwiches
*Deviled Eggs
Chicken Skewers
*Cream cheese stuffed Cherry Tomato
Smoky Sausage
*Raspberry Brie Tartlet
Ham & Cheese Napoleon
*Black Bean Tartlet
Boursin Cheese Stuffed Celery
Roma Tomato Bruschetta   

Reception Action Carving Stations

Carved Roasted Boneless Breast of Turkey
Served with Herb Mayonnaise, Sweet Hot Mustard,
Cranberry Sauce & Miniature Carving Rolls
$ 5.95 per person

Carved Roasted Beef
Served with Au Jus, Béarnaise & Miniature Carving Rolls
$ 6.95 Market Price

(Specialty Display)

A Elegant Cheese Display
Domestic and Imported Cheeses to include: Swiss,
Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, Brie, Dill Havarti & Boursin
Garnished with Seasonal Berries Served with an
Assortment of
Gourmet Crackers and Baguettes
$ 4.50 pp

Antipasto Platter
Pepperoncini Peppers & Kalamata Olives, Genoa Salami &
Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Provolone & Feta Cheeses, Grilled
& Marinated Vegetables
Served with Whole Grain and Rustic breads
$ 4.25 pp

Vegetable Crudités
A Selection of Raw & Grilled Seasonal
Vegetables Served with Curry and Peppercorn Sauces
$ 3.50 pp

Soup Selections

Squash Soup
Roasted Eggplant
Cream of Broccoli
$ 2.50pp

Seafood Station
$18.00 - $ 20.00
Steamed Crab Legs, Mussels, Clams
Salmon Board, and Drunken Jumbo Shrimp

*(price can change depending on market price)